Issue 2 Poetry

Another Day

I want to study Anatomy

To learn how the little lanes in our feet

fail to move

and the knees never bend

Maybe during

the man-made pleasure,

Definitely because the chicken

came before the egg.

How does it feel that a little flower

can grasp a soul 

and dream of rabbits?

Why does a social construct’s ocean

take precedence over the

 stupidity of Her twin rivers?

Oh, Don’t tell me

that you listen to the snake and

still eat its poison, ‘cause

The Chair is just that:

 a chair,

a vessel for all

and a lie from no one

but truth all the same.

Not that it’s going to 

behave anytime soon.

And the world?

There’s always two.

But if there’s two there’s three

And if there’s three there’s none

Save for you, 

a book of sweet nothings,

and the big, fat F on the diagram I left blank

By Cara Cavanaugh

Cara Cavanaugh currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she attends Saint Ursula Academy. In her free time, Cara enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her dog Hank. In the future Cara would like to pursue a college degree and start a career in research science.