You Are Not Me

Our Mission

You Are Not Me wants to acknowledge the truth behind its name. That is to say, we want to honor all of the different facets of humanity and identity. No one besides you is you, you are no one besides yourself, and, of course, you are not me. We're looking to make people think differently about their identity and the identities of others. We want to welcome people from all walks of life to contribute and share their stories. We especially want to showcase intriguing concepts and fascinating people that you may not have heard of or thought about before.

You Are Not Me was founded in the spring of 2020, making us a new (but growing!) website. We hope to publish our first collection of writing soon. Submissions are currently open. We plan to publish writing every other month in batches of seven to ten works (with some poems from the same author counted as a single work). A message will be sent out through our newsletter when we have prepared the first batch of writing for publication. Furthermore, we are excited to create and grow a community of people who are excited about writing and about our mission. Beyond our normal submissions, we hope to hold occasional competitions and other special events that will help keep both writers and readers excited and engaged. Right now, we are very much still in development. If you have any ideas for improvements that we can make, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Our Staff

Louis Rosenberg

Louis Rosenberg is the Editor-in-Chief and cofounder of You Are Not Me. He edits all of the nonfiction works that we accept, as well as many pieces of writing from other genres. He enjoys reading and writing (mostly creative writing, though he has dabbled in freelance writing in the past). Like Anna, he plays Dungeons and Dragons, and he has written his own Dungeons and Dragons adventures in the past. Louis is also passionate about philosophical questions and computer science. He set up and is the main maintainer of this website. Any technical issues with the website (or questions about the project in general) can be reported to him at

Anna Seyerle

Anna Seyerle is the Managing Editor and cofounder of You Are Not Me. She edits all of the poetry works that we accept, as well as many pieces of writing from other genres. During her time helping to structure this magazine, Seyerle built up and revised this website. Before this role, Anna was a member of writing club Power of the Pen, where she wrote stories of saw grass, boiled eggs, and dragons with colds (well, maybe just one dragon with one cold). Anna holds a deep appreciation for literature that she inherited from her parents. In her spare time she enjoys many (perhaps most) things, like theatre and Dungeons and Dragons with her friends. You can reach her directly at

Gie Wilson

Gie Wilson is the Community Manager of You Are Not Me. She edits all of the fiction works that we accept, as well as many pieces of writing from other genres. Also in charge of promotional and social media coordination, she began the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Previously she has taken her passion for writing into most of her extracurriculars, whether traditionally literary focused or not. In her free time she enjoys reading and writing (with a soft spot for historical fiction and poetry) and holding overly passionate discussions about anything and everything. You can contact her through the social media pages or directly at

Our Contact Information

You can reach the staff at, which is our shared staff email. Please do not send submissions to that email - read our submission guidelines for instructions on submissions.
You can also check our our social media pages: we have Twitter and Instagram!

Our Key Values

1. Integrity. Integrity and honesty are crucial for everyone involved with us, whether they are a reader, writer, or staff member. We expect that everyone involved is honest about who they are and what they do. They must have integrity when working with us and otherwise.

2. Empathy. Of all the values we want people involved with us to exemplify, empathy is one of the most important. You Are Not Me is based on seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, whether you end up agreeing with their view or not. That is empathy. We believe that our collaborators should never be used as a means to an end, and we believe that empathy will help everyone understand why that is important.

3. Collaboration. Being part of our community means be willing to work with others. Everyone — from our writers to our staff — should be able and willing to talk and make progress with all other members of our team. We want everyone to be able to stay connected to others so that we can all stay connected to our common humanity.

4. Thoughtfulness. Of course we want our writers to be thoughtful in their works. Of course we want our editors to be thoughtful in their critiques. But thoughtfulness in this sense goes beyond that. We want everyone to be conscious of the implications of their words and actions, and to proceed in a way that will benefit everyone involved.

5. Resolve. Writing is hard, running a literary magazine is hard, and life is hard. We want to read stories that show how you get through your struggles. And we want to maintain a supportive environment that will help others through their own struggles.